Sleep & Sedation Dentistry St George UT


It’s now easier than ever to go to the dentist. We offer  all sedation options to ensure your visit will be relaxed, comfortable, and stress free. Sedation dentistry can take all the fear, pain, or anxiety out of any dental procedure.

Forms of Sedation

Nitrous Oxide – Also known as “laughing gas”, this is an inexpensive, fast, easy way to take the edge off of your dental appointment. Simply let your dental assistant know you’d like gas. A small nasal mask is placed on your nose and you breathe air that does two things: first, it has a calming effect that gives you a sense of well-being; second, it reduces the sensation of pain during procedures. Side effects are few, although 15% of patients do get an upset stomach from gas. Since 100% oxygen is given at the end of treatment, the effects are completely worn off before you leave the office.

Oral Sedation – The next step up from nitrous, this is a great option for someone who wants a deeper level of sedation without needles to get it. Simply take a pill just before you come in to the office. Although most patients remain awake through their appointment, they are typically totally relaxed and their senses are dulled to where they are unaware of the sights, smells, and sounds of the dental office. As a bonus, most patients walk out of the office, but have no recollection of their visit hours later.

IV Sedation – Also known as “twilight sedation”, is where medication is given through an IV (so yes, there is an initial poke in the hand or the arm). Although you are not technically asleep, the experience is very similar to being asleep. You will breathe on your own and have virtually no memory of your treatment once it is finished. IV sedation is a safe and highly effective technique allowing you to receive your treatment without knowing you did. The following statement from an IV sedation patient is a typical IV experience:
“Basically, its just a tiny pinch in the back of the hand and in goes the ‘stuff’. Nothing happens for several seconds, and then you begin to feel light-headed (a little drunk) for a few moments, which is not unpleasant. Then instantly several hours have magically passed and everything has been done. Its like the flick of a switch which turns off your brain for an hour or two. You feel fairly dopey and woozy afterward where you may want to go and sleep it off.”